Our Team

Members of the mHUB team come from a range of backgrounds, but share a passion for supporting physical product entrepreneurs and manufacturers in Chicago's tech innovation ecosystem.

  • Haven Allen

    Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder

  • Bill Fienup

    Director of Innovation Services and Co-Founder

  • Quinn Campbell

    Prototyping Technician

  • Jamie Gottlieb

    Marketing Associate

  • Sally Haertl

    Senior Marketing Manager

  • Melissa Lederer

    Marketing Advisor

  • Cynthia Macias

    Senior Programming Manager

  • Manas Mehandru

    Chief Operating Officer

  • David Mirkhaef

    Shop Engineer

  • Cheyenne Raduha

    Prototyping Technician

  • Jacob Ringer

    Community and Development Manager

  • Bria Smith

    Event Coordinator

  • Vlodek Tarnawski

    Building Engineer

  • John Welin

    Shop Manager

  • Megan Williams

    Office Assistant and Graphic Designer

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