Day Pass

Day Pass

Access mHUB co-working for a day, meet the community and find out what it means to have access to the largest and fastest-growing product development innovation center in the U.S.



At a Glance

Learn what it's like to be a part of the mHUB community.

  • Access

    The day pass holder functions as a member of our community with access to a hot desk and common areas.

  • Community 

    Extend your reach with our dynamic community of makers and entrepreneurs. Develop deep roots in Chicago's tech ecosystem.

  • Unique Value

    Experience mHUB including co-working amenities, events and common areas without a binding membership.

Experience Our Community

Access to the mHUB community and resources to experience our unique value first-hand.

Member Amenities






Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Have to Apply for a Day Pass?
Yes. You may apply for a Day Pass here.  Once your application is approved, you’ll be able to schedule a day to access the co-working space, member-only classes and events. 

Can I Use the Labs/Shop? 
Only members who have completed safety training are allowed in the Shop, where the labs and equipment are.  Shop Safety Training occurs weekly, so members have opportunities to gain Shop access on an ongoing basis. Training is generally 30 minutes to 1 hour, and covers lab safety and how to use specific equipment.

Can I Have Visitors? 
Day pass holders can not have visitors, but can use common spaces in the co-working area and phone booths for private calls. The Shop is the only space in mHUB off-limits to day pass holders and visitors.

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