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mHUB Core Curriculum: Growth Stage

Growth: A stage marked by maturity and progression.
Business Track
Technical Track
Corporate Finance Structure: Fundraising for Growth

*Conducted via one-on-one coaching sessions by appointment*
Welcome to the final course we offer on financing. Learn how to approach financing vehicles that can help you grow as you gain both market share and revenue.

Scaling Your Supply Chain

Ramping up for production offers a whole new set of challenges. In this two-part constructive conversation, you will learn how to approach and manage your production to scale (local of foreign), production costs and what to look for when working with supplier/manufacturer at larger volumes. The conversation will then shift towards quality control processes, standards, and how to anticipate failure points.

Resources: Lifecycle Overview, Terms
Manufacturing and Quality Control

Getting your product into production is hard enough as it is, but as time goes on the expectations go up from customers and investors alike. Your business will be pressured to reduce cost, increase quality so you can reach profitability (pay back your investors) and build a loyal customer base. The key here is to understand your economies of scale, and plan ahead for corrective actions. In today's world of transparency and accountability, very few startups can afford to ship a batch of bad parts to their customers. This class will teach you how to identify cost reduction opportunities and minimize defects over time.

Resources: Quality Planning

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