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mHUB Core Curriculum: Delivery Stage

De-liv-er-y: The act or manner of sending to an intended destination.
Business Track
Technical Track
Organizational Governance: Starting Your Board of Directors

As your company grows you will need a board of directors, governors, and advisors. This class will help you create your first board while keeping in mind your business goals. Learn the details and aspects of governance that apply as an organization grows and becomes more complex.

Product Safety and Certification
Safety is the most important step in the product development process. Delivering products that don’t meet safety standards can kill your business. Learn how to build a product that meets all safety certifications.

Resources: Avnet Innovation Pt. 1, Pt.2, Pt. 3
Creating Your Momentum: B2B Sales

In this class, you'll discuss how to gain momentum and audience traction in your business before, during, and after product launch. You'll discuss B2B channels for product launch, understanding who your target customer is, and key conversion metrics.

Resources: B2C Sales
Preparing for Production: First Run

In today's world of complex products being built across global supply chains, it's more critical than ever to have your T's crossed, and your I's dotted before you pull the trigger. Full control over design data, scheduling, and production expenses, along with clear communication throughout the team will be needed to reduce your risk.

Constructing the Pitch: How to Build Your Pitch Deck

Storytelling is at the core of every business. As entrepreneurs, it is critical to share your idea in a way that inspires and engages others in your organization, builds trust, and uncovers the most powerful and compelling elements of your mission statement. Whether it is a 60 second pitch or a five-minute competition, this is your chance to learn how to create an effective pitch.

Growing Your Team

Talent is the new business currency. The best ideas only come to fruition with a great team. It’s important that your team is aligned a common vision and has the skills to be able to navigate the challenges that lay before you. In this class, you will learn how to build an effective team and culture that accelerates your business towards its objectives while also pushing you to be stronger.

Business Track Continued
Raising Your Brand Awareness

When you’re looking to grow your business and increase your brand awareness, PR and content marketing are two of the strongest tools to reach your target audiences. This class will teach you the most effective way to package an announcement to reach your target customers and engage new audiences. Additionally, the class will offer DIY practices for content marketing and PR, and which publications/journalists to contact and how to engage them.

Packaging Design 

Catch your customer’s eye with a product that jumps off the shelf and into their heart. Packaging is essential to ensure that your product is safely transported. Learn how to design a package that embodies your brand through our class on packaging design. Led by Jorge Mascort of Chamberlain, you'll learn how to cradle your product in both a functional and aesthetic package.
IP: Trademarks and Copyrights 

Patents and trademarks are the most important tools to protect your business. In this workshop you'll learn the basics of intellectual property including the differences between patents, trademarks, and copyrights, along with some best practices for protecting your intellectual property rights.
Selling Virtually: Putting the Buyer First

This webinar, lead by LinkedIn's Eric Bloomberg, addresses the change in the selling landscape and how to combat and work with those changes to continue to build a strong pipeline of potential buyers and customers.

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