Global Startup Showcase

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Global Startup Showcase

Join mHUB in celebrating its second Global Startup cohort in collaboration with the Italian Trade Agency. Listen to presentations from 8 companies--Bautiful, BEAM Digital, Fonsider, IMEMS, Insenso, Plus Biomedicals, Traxit--and discover the amazing products they are bringing to the US market. The showcase will also include time for networking.

Thursday, November 4, 2021
11:00 AM - 12:30 PM (Central Standard Time)
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The 8 teams presenting are as follows:

BEAM Digital develops cutting-edge and innovative projects to create a total IoT ecosystem. One of their larger projects is LifeSensor, which seamlessly integrates safety all safety and diagnostic equipment for workers in hazardous conditions and construction zones, limiting risk of injury or death in those spaces.

Bautiful owns Pawiz, an interactive console and automatic feeder for home that reduces separation anxiety in one's pet dog. 

Fonsider uses vibro-steel driven foundations that triumphs over outdated, costly, and time-consuming concrete-based foundations.

iMEMS is building inertial motion sensors for a variety of applications, including construction and maritime uses that quickly analyzes and shares life-saving data with low error margins.

Insenso's two industrial technologies--the Gate and the Tunnel--address sanitation needs for clothing and hospitality-use fabrics like hotel linens to aid in the fight against infectious diseases.

MarkOne creates custom 3D printer solutions that are “Ready-to-use” for the 4th Industrial Revolution, where new innovations can be easily integrated as add-ons.

Plus Biomedicals designs life-saving products for the disabled and elderly including a teeth cleaning mouth guard and foot sink to make personal hygiene practices easier and more effective for these groups. They’re also known for their world-class R&D capabilities.

Traxit aims to turn unhappy passengers and commuters into pampered and protected avid travelers through its suitcase tracking sensors and online platform.

Global Startup Showcase
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