NuCurrent is Changing Wireless Power as We Know It

NuCurrent is Changing Wireless Power as We Know it 

MP-A17 Qi Design Specification by NuCurrent was the winner of the “Innovation of the Year”  award at the 2020 Fourth Revolution Awards. You can find a recap of the event here

Founded as an entrepreneurial project out of Northwestern University in 2009, NuCurrent is actively changing the way that the world sees wireless power. We chatted with Amaya Adams, NuCurrent's Marketing Manager, to learn a bit more about the company's original vision as well as what the future will hold for NuCurrent. 

Where did your idea and value proposition start?

NuCurrent is a wireless power technology solutions company. The wireless charging movement started with smartphones and as part of that development, the industry established a technology standard for wireless charging called Qi. Unfortunately, Qi had some significant limitations in fostering broader use/adoption – the most significant being the available separation distance of 3-5mm between transmitter and receiver and a modest power transfer level of 5W. NuCurrent saw more potential and sought to expand the separation distance, overall charging volume, and power levels (to 15W) by leveraging its technology and engineering expertise to drive a higher industry standard. That way, more product types with different use cases could benefit from the wireless charging standard.

How has your business grown since the beginning?

NuCurrent was founded in 2009 as an entrepreneurial project at Northwestern University. The company, formerly known as NeuRDS, initially addressed the unreliable power wires in implanted spinal neural stimulators. 11 years later, we're a team of 40 (and counting) with over 125 patents granted or pending. NuCurrent's wireless power technology is in over 500M devices worldwide.

How has being in Illinois, or even being in the Midwest, helped shape your company?

Our midwestern roots have lent to our humility, accountability, and authenticity -- something you won't easily find in Silicon Valley. NuCurrent always puts the customer first. Additionally, NuCurrent found great support, expertise, and access to resources through the hard tech ecosystem fostered by mHUB.

What growth do you expect to see in the next few years?

2021 will see Powered by NuCurrent products expand into a lot of exciting categories, including automotive, earphones, computer peripherals, fitness bands, power tools, medical devices, and more. 

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