Cast21 Reimagines a Timeworn Orthopedic Device: The Cast

Cast21 Reimagines a Timeworn Orthopedic Device: The Cast 

Casts and splints have been used by orthopedic doctors for decades to heal fractured bones. In fact, the act of using stiffened bandages around a splint dates back to the Ancient Egyptians and Romans. Still today there are downsides, such as breathability, hygiene and overall comfort. To address our modern, active lifestyles and support patient comfort, Cast21 has reimagined the traditional hard plaster cast. The cast alternative for the 21st century uses waterproof and biocompatible materials, combined in a latticed design, to provide a more comfortable and hygienic solution for patients. 

As a member of mHUB’s innovation center, Cast21 has been rapidly growing in order to change the way the world heals, starting with broken bones. The medical device company is committed to developing safe, effective products for orthopedic applications. 

The primary solution provided by Cast21 is an exoskeleton to help treat orthopedic fractures. The device is completely malleable upon application, forming a rigid and anatomical contoured support rapidly. It provides an easy to use experience for providers and patients via its innovative phase-changing technology. 

In this member spotlight, Co-Founder and CEO, Ashley Moy, describes the Cast21 journey.

Where did your idea and value proposition of Cast21 start?

Our co-founder, Jason Troutner, has actually had more than sixty casts and braces in his lifetime. We began looking at alternatives for a better experience. Along the way, we learned that there were a lot of inefficiencies in the care process that haven't been overhauled for medical professionals in centuries. The idea for Cast21 started as a class project. From there, we joined local business competitions, and we kept winning. We realized this was a great sign that not only could our co-founder and other patients really benefit from the product physically, but others saw value in what Cast21 was doing as well.

What led you to mHUB?

When we found mHUB, we found a truly unique space for us with many resources that a small company like Cast 21 would not be able to acquire at an early stage. Joining the mHUB community has made our prototyping process around 88% more efficient compared to our previous process. All of the wonderful people that we've met at mHUB, as well as the mentorship we’ve received from mHUB, has been fantastic. There's a really great sense of comradery and everyone helps each other in one way or another.

How has Cast21 grown?

Cast21 has been able to grow our team with qualified and creative individuals. Also, our products are being sold all over the North America now. We still manufacture locally in Chicago.


What's next for Cast21?

We have a lot of exciting announcements coming up to work with even more patients, so keep an eye on our social media accounts in the next couple of months. Our team is growing, and we look forward to helping many more doctors and patients this year.

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