IIoT Cohort Marketing Materials

mHUB Accelerated Incubation IIoT Teams Marketing Toolkit

We are so thrilled to have you as a team for the inaugural IIoT cohort of the mHUB Accelerated Incubation program. On this page, we'll host the most recent marketing tools for your use - all in one central place. The page will evolve and grow as the campaign continues. The URL will always remain the same. So, check back for updates and new materials. 

Important links for use in marketing follow: 

 logos graphics about mHUB and Program  Social Guidelines and Sample COntent
mHUB Accelerator WordmarkSocial Graphics 
General Announcement
General About the Program
Marketing Blurbs and Content 
Accelerated Incubation BadgeSocial Graphics
mHUB Talking Points  Social Media Campaign Copy 
General mHUB WordmarkSocial Graphics

Vlogging 101 
mHUB Color Logo Social Graphics 
LinkedIn and Facebook


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