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  • Head of Growth

  • 1 Tone

  • Min. Material Thickness: 1/8"
    Max. Material Thickness: 3"
    Max. Material Width: 31"

    16" Drum Sander

  • 3HP Motor
    20" Disc

    20" Disc Sander

  • Scan 8" dia. x 12" height View

    3D Laser Scanner

  • 3Degrees

  • We partner with manufacturers and distributors to dramatically improve their performance. View

    3S Advisory Group

  • 4 Channel

    4 Channel scope

  • A&C Plastics

  • A.M. Precision Machining

  • A.W.T. World Trade, Inc.

  • Full Service Turnkey Manufacturing, Wholesale, View

    A.W.T. World Trade, Inc.

  • AAcoa Extrusions

  • Acc Electronix

  • Account Executive

  • Accurate Metal Fabricating

  • Building/Facilities Manager View

    Adam Milich

  • Advanced Prototype Molding

  • Soldering Irons for assembling your electrical components

    Advanced Solder and Rework Station

  • Aimtron

  • Aiwa

  • Textiles, Stock and custom suede, Automotive Fashion, Fashion, Consumer Electronics and Fashion View


  • Corporate Development Coordinator View

    Alex Lambert

  • Aluminum Shapes LLC

  • Amber Agriculture

  • American Aluminum

  • American CNC

  • American Industrial Company

  • American Molding Technologies

  • PCB population, Surface Mount and Through hole, Engineering, Quality Control, Box Builds and Fulfillment View

    American Precision Electronics (APE)

  • American Standard Circuits

  • Marketing Coordinator View

    Amir Durakovic

  • Analog Airwaves LLC

  • Analog Life LLC

  • President and CEO, World Business Chicago View

    Andrea Zopp

  • Andrew Kaczkowski

  • Create audio isolation test environments View

    Anechoic Chamber

  • Applications Development Intern

  • Diamond Technologies for Environmentally Friendly Water Solutions View

    Aquamox, Inc.

  • Five Years Out View

    Arrow Electronics

  • Assembly Tables

  • AstroGlu, LLC

  • ATOM Ventures, LLC

  • Autodesk EAGLE PCB Design Software

  • Fusion 360 is a solid modeling program with CADD/CAM/Rendering/Drawing/Simulation/Mesh Editing/Surface editing features. View

    Autodesk Fusion 360

  • Twenty Eight 2018 Titles in this Collection View

    Autodesk Product Design and Manufacturing Collection

  • aw | studio

  • Luggage Handle. Improved. View

    Axial Case

  • Backend Engineer

  • Max. Material Thickness: 7"
    Throat Depth 12"

    Band Saw

  • Variable Speed
    Max. Throat Depth: 18"


  • Barbara Goff

  • Belt: 48"x6"
    Disc: 12"

    Belt/Disc Sander

  • Desk top Pick and Place Machine for making single SMT boards

    Benchtop Pick and Place Station

  • Batch Reflow Oven
    tray size: 250 mm x 200 mm
    Standard and Custom Heat Programs

    Benchtop Reflow Oven

  • BestProto

  • Think Beyond. View

    Beyond Design, Inc.

  • Program Manager, Product Development Services View

    Bianca Thai

  • Co-Founder and Director, Product Development Services View

    Bill Fienup

  • Aluminum Oxide
    Fast material removal

    Blasting Cabinet

  • President, RW Ventures, LLC View

    Bob Weissbourd

  • Bonbowl

  • Booster Box

  • Borish Electronics Inc.

  • Metal Cutting Laser
    Max Cut: Steel .25"/SS 11g/Al.125" View

    Boss 700w Metal Fiber Laser Cutter

  • Bow Tied Wood

  • BrewBike provides the Northwestern Community with its caffeine fix in the most convenient way, everyday. View


  • Corporate Associate, DLA Piper View

    Briana Belligio

  • Research, Plan, Practice, Success. View


  • Brininstool + Lynch

  • Building Brown Workshop

  • Graphic Overlays, Panels, Custom Engraving, Signage View

    BW Industries

  • Chairman, Board of Directors, MxD View

    Caralynn N. Collens, M.D.

  • CareBand

  • CareBand

  • Carr Machine & Tool

  • 11.6" x8" x.75" work area
    .003" accuracy
    12,000 RPM


  • Cast21

  • Catch Co

  • Centech Plastics inc

  • Century Spring

  • The future is here. Are you ready? View

    Chaya Labs, Inc.

  • Chicago Anodizing

  • Chicago White Metal

  • Events Coordinator View

    Christina Wollney

  • Colca

  • 4HP Motor
    Blade: 12"
    Max. Material Thickness: 3"

    Cold Saw

  • Columbia Metal Spinning

  • Crate, Organize, Monitor, and Feed your pets Intelligently View


  • Research | Concept Development | Industrial Design | 3D modeling | User Experience Design View

    Concentric LLC, Industrial Design Consulting

  • The online electronics apprenticeship View

    Contextual Electronics

  • Control Alt Design

  • Hand-Operated
    Max. Thickness: 14 Gauge
    Max. Cut Length: 5"

    Corner Notcher

  • Corporate Partnerships Associate View

    Corporate Partnerships Associate

  • Crafty Machine

  • FFM 3D Printer
    PLA Filament

    Creality Ender 3

  • CREDO of Saving People View


  • Solving mass incarceration and recidivism by treating mental illness View

  • Crucial Detail

  • Custom Aluminum Products, Inc.

  • Cybrid Systems View

    Cybrid Systems

  • Director of Programs and Engagement View

    Cynthia Macias

  • D & J Metal

  • Daco Precision Tools

  • Adjunct Professor, Industrial Technology and Management View

    Dan Waterloo

  • CEO at Jexet Automation LLC View

    Daniel Wang

  • COO at IngeniousIO View

    Darcy Bonner

  • President, Illinois Manufacturing Excellence Center (IMEC) View

    Dave Boulay

  • Shop Engineer View

    David Mirkhaef

  • Director of Engineering / Proven Innovation Leader Experienced in successfully bringing physical products to market View

    Deborah Brown

  • Delvie's Plastics

  • Tuttnauer 2540m
    10 x 19" chamber

    Desktop Autoclave

  • .125" nozzle
    1 cubic inch/17cc shot
    manually operated
    17g of pp per shot

    Desktop Injection Molder

  • Partners In Product Development View

    DeviceDev Consulting, Inc.

  • DFM Toolworks

  • Digikey

  • Measures Tensile or Compression Forces up to 20lbs

    Digital Force Gauge

  • Digital Marketing Associate View

    Digital Marketing Associate

  • Digital Marketing Intern

  • DLT Inc.

  • dotUP

  • Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President of Northbrook Bank & Trust Company View

    Doug Boersma

  • 3/32" to 3/4" bits
    115 to 140 degrees
    split tip grind guide

    Drill Bit Sharpener

  • 3/4 HP
    Max. Drilling Depth: 3 1/2"
    Throat Depth:8"

    Drill Press

  • Table Swing 20"
    1 HP
    9 speed settings 150-2200 RPM
    25.5" Draw
    5" spindle travel
    13" x 15" table

    Drill Press

  • E&T Plastics

  • E-M Metal Fabricator

  • E2 Manufacturing Group

  • Plastics, Manufacturing, Resins, Rubber Manufacturing View

    Eagle Design & Technology Inc

  • EAS Sales

  • Eastek International

  • Education Program Coordinator View

    Education Program Coordinator

  • President and CEO, Bethel New Life, Inc. View

    Edward Coleman

  • Ekta

  • Electronic Interconnect

  • 200W Electronic load
    40amp 150Volt

    Electronic Load

  • Test and analyze circuitry
    Power supply 0 - 30V 3 Amp
    Spectrum analyzer 150KHz - 1GHz
    Frequency generator
    Digital multimeter

    Electronics bench equipment

  • Packaging solutions, Gift Packaging, Contract Packaging View

    Elegant Packaging

  • Group IoT and Mobile Manager at Robert Bosch Tool Corporation NA View

    Eli Share

  • Electrical Compliance / Certification, CE testing View


  • Brother BAS-415
    9 needle

    Embroidery Machine

  • 42" x 9" bed
    X-Axis Power Feed
    XYZ Digital Read Out

    Enco Knee Mill

  • Energetically

  • Engineering Intern

  • Real world and shelf life testing
    Temp Range -45°F to 115°C
    Cycles are custom programmable

    Environmental Test Chamber

  • Selective Laser Sinterer
    sintered white nylon
    vol: 184mm x 233mm x 316mm H

    EOS Formiga P110 SLS

  • Sit Less- Move More- Live Better View

    Ergo Impact standing desk chairs

  • Head of eCommerce, The Boston Beer Company View


  • Event Coordinator View

    Event Coordinator

  • Events Intern (August Fall Semester)

  • Everday Engineering LLC

  • Excelitas

  • Executive Director, Accelerated Incubation (IIoT Cohort) View

    Executive Director, Accelerated Incubation (IIoT Cohort)

  • We make Designers better Decision Makers. View

    Fastway Engineering

  • Fernie's Toolbox

  • Fiesta Pop Studio

  • Firmware Algorithms Engineer

  • Fisher Unitech

  • Make Innovation Possible View

    Fisher Unitech

  • Plastics, Prototyping, SLA, Polyjet, RTV Mold, RTV, Injection Molding, Plastic Product Manufacturing View

    Five Star Plastics

  • Five Star Plastics

  • Floating Museum

  • Develop with focus View

    Focused Labs

  • SLA 3D Printer
    resins of varied properties
    volume: 5.7" L x 5.7" W x "6.9" H

    Form 2 Desktop SLA

  • Formco Plastics Inc

  • 24" x 24" raw material
    22" x 22" working area
    1/4" material thickness
    12.8" draw

    Formech Vacuum Former 686

  • Professional FDM 3D printer
    ABS filament
    0.330 to 0.127mm layer height
    406mm L x 355mm W x 406mm H

    Fortus 450mc

  • FotoFab

  • Head of Global Deployment Engineering at Verifone View

    Frank Scopacasa

  • Seating solutions since 1894. View

    Freedman Seating Company

  • Front-End Software Engineer

  • Full Stack Engineer

  • Full-Time Bookkeeper View

    Full-Time Bookkeeper

  • Custom made-to-print manufactured fasteners, components & assemblies. View

    G-Fast Distribution Inc

  • Misc. Manufacturing, most types of manufacturing View

    General Assembly & Mfg. Corp.

  • Ghost Lab Design

  • GoFli

  • Golf Delta

  • GPI Prototype

  • Precisely measure object height up to 16in

    Granite Surface Height Gauge

  • Greenlight Planet

  • Hand and Power Tools

  • Max. Material Thickness: 1" Mild Steel

    Handheld Plasma Cutter

  • Hansen Plastics

  • Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder View

    Haven Allen

  • Shop Technician View

    Henry Africano

  • No material less then 1/2" thick
    No Wood
    10" height max 18" wide
    4 setting 80-330 SFM

    Horizontal Band Saw

  • 40ton Pressure
    36" Brake
    Max. Thickness: 1/2"

    Horizontal Hydraulic Press

  • Max. Material Thickness: 1/2" Harden Steel
    Max. Material Width: 6"

    Horizontal Press Brake

  • Bend Pipe and Tube View

    Hossfeld No. 2 Bender

  • Max. Width: 48"
    Max. Thickness 12 Gauge

    Hydraulic Shear

  • Chief of Staff at Clean Energy Trust View

    Ian Adams

  • Coleman Foundation Clinical Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship, Illinois Institute of Technology View

    Illinois Institute of Technology

  • Imagiroo

  • Impossible Objects

  • sheet metal bending, metal stamping, laser and water jet cutting, welding View


  • Incodema

  • 8" x 11"
    9000 psi
    6 cu in/4oz shot

    Injection Molder

  • Innopsys

  • Internship

  • Internship

  • IntuiTap Medical, Inc.

  • 3D Modeling, Branding, Editorial Design, Graphic Design, Illustration, Logo Design View

    Inventum Digital, Inc.

  • CEO, NuCurrent, Inc. View

    Jacob Babcock

  • My goal is simply to help my clients dissect their problems, find insights and realize their vision. View

    Jacques Laramie Ltd.

  • Senior User Experience Researcher at UL View

    James Parker

  • Jason Rebello

  • JC Tool and Mold

  • Principal, L3.0 Ventures, LLC View

    Jeff Malehorn

  • Global Director, Software and Electrical Engineering, SRAM LLC View

    Jeff Meunier

  • Founder and President, Innovations Strategies, Inc. View

    Jeffrey Margolis

  • Jenna Feldman

  • Membership Development Specialist View

    Jeremy Borchardt

  • Membership Development Coordinator View

    Jhanelle Smith

  • Director, Northwestern Initiative for Manufacturing Science and Innovation, Northwestern University View

    Jian Cao


  • Industrial Engineer, Designer, and Entrepreneur View

    Joel Paglione

  • Managing Partner, T2G Ventures View

    John Regan

  • Regional President, MB Financial Bank View

    John Sassaris

  • Shop Director View

    John Welin

  • Stright Cutter Head
    Max. Material Width: 12"
    Planer Max. Thickness: 8 3/4"

    Jointer and Planer

  • Jolted Thoughts LLC

  • Jr. Hardware Engineer

  • Juki TL-2200QVP Mini
    Stright Stich

    Juki Sewing Machine

  • Inspired by a kid, created by a mom. View

    Just E Skincare

  • Executive Managing Director, GE Ventures View

    Karen Kerr

  • Managing Director, Agile Equities View

    Karen Kerr

  • Membership Development Coordinator View

    Katherine Crosby

  • Designer/Researcher Specialized in Healthcare and FDA-regulated Devices View

    Kathryn Mizuchi

  • Corporate Partnerships Leader View

    Katie Kosko

  • Partner, Chicago Ventures View

    Kevin Willer

  • Fresh sheets without the hassle. View


  • L1 Customer Support

  • Stainless Steel
    Basin: 16"x19"
    Counter: 36"x128"

    Lab Sink

  • 130W CO2 laser
    1400 x 900mm bed
    import DWG or AI files

    Large Bed Laser Cutter

  • Large Format Color Printer

  • Laser Cutting Lab

  • Laser Plus Technologies

  • Lead Engineer

  • Director of Chicago Chapter, Black Women in Science and Engineering View

    Leslie McKinney

  • LifeBot

  • The Right Information, In the Right Place, At the Right Time View

    Light Guide Systems

  • 48" working width
    1" thickness
    dual heating elements

    Line-Bending Table

  • Loring Human Factors

  • Wireless System Design, EMI Compliance, Wifi design, Bluetooth Design View

    LS Research

  • Luft Studios

  • Single 3mm filament 3D printer
    print any filament type
    volume: 11" L x 11" W x 9.8" H View

    LulzBot Taz 6

  • Magenta, LLC

  • 300/450 rpm
    2 Speed
    Drill Point Pressure 1/2" Steel: 741lbs
    Max. Drill Depth: 4 3/8"

    Magnetic Base Drill

  • Magnode

  • Single 1.75mm filament 3D printer
    PLA-type filament
    volume: 11.6" L x 7.6" W x 6.5" H View

    MakerBot Replicator+

  • Chief Operating Officer View

    Manas Mehandru

  • Manufacturing & Design Engineer

  • Executive Vice President of Engineering and Chief Technology Officer, The Chamberlain Group, Inc. View

    Mark L. Karasek

  • Chairman, ChicagoNEXT, Associate Professor, University of Chicago View

    Mark Tebbe

  • Materials and Processes R&D Engineer

  • SVP and CMO, Wintrust Financial Corporation View

    Matthew Doubleday

  • Member Relations Associate View

    Mcauley Banning

  • McMaster Carr

  • Renting Machines Made Easy. View

    McPond Inc

  • 3 axis: 16" x 16" x 7"
    4 axis: 6" x 6" x 14"
    400-12,000 RPM
    4 ATC


  • Chief Experience Officer View

    Melissa Lederer

  • Melron Corporation

  • International Director, Co-Chairman of Headquarters Practice Group, JLL View

    Meredith O'Connor

  • Metal Fabrication Lab

  • Metal Milling Lab

  • mHUB

  • In house manufacturing, prototyping, View

    mHUB Chicago

  • Executive Partner, Siris Capital, and Chairman of the Board, mHUB View

    Michael Seedman

  • Michael Reed

  • Micheal Reed

  • Midland Plastics, Inc.

  • 220v. Power
    0.35 Wire Spool
    Max. Material Thickness: 3/8"

    MIG Welder

  • Make high quality welds on various metal parts View

    Miller TIG Welder

  • Misumi

  • Modern Sprout

  • Modern Sprout


  • 1/2 HP
    Throat Depth: 3 1/2"
    Max. Depth: 4"

    Mortise Machine

  • Motion Dynamics

  • Mouser electronics

  • Startups | Internet | Creatives | IP | Space View

    Mudd Law

  • Muller2

  • National Metal Fabricators

  • Wood Product Manufacturing, Millwork View

    Navillus Woodworks

  • Pick and place System
    48 Feeders
    Board maximum: 310 x 1500mm

    NeoDen4 Pick and Place System

  • Innovating needs-based medical technologies ?for ?emerging markets. View


  • Newark

  • Next Sketch Studio LLC

  • Nolato Contour

  • NoMo Diagnostics

  • Non-Ducted Fume Hood

  • Custom Molds, Custom Fiberglass View

    Northwest Products

  • cable assembly, tape and reel, component stocking, component services, kitting, Box Builds, custom View


  • NuWay

  • Professional Polyjet 3D Printer
    .016mm layer
    rigid and flexible resins
    volume: 406mm x 355mm x 406 mm H

    Objet 260vs Dental

  • Gather Data. Take Control. Automate. View

    OhioIoT, Inc.

  • Open-Editions

  • Space Logistics Made Easy View

    Orbital Transports, LLC

  • Min. Diameter Mandrel: 3/8"
    Max. Diameter Mandrel: 4"

    Oscillating Spindle Sander

  • Measures Alternating Wave Forms Across 3 channels


  • Unique bicycle lights designed like automotive headlights for incredible visibility and runtime. View

    Outbound Lighting

  • Overboard Cruisers

  • 5" Diameter Random Orbital
    Automatic On/Off Hepa Vacuum Conection

    Palm Sander System

  • Max. Materal Thickness: 2"
    Max. Material Height: 54"

    Panel Saw

  • custom packaging manufacturing, short-run paper tubes View

    Paper Tube Co.

  • CEO and Business Whisperer, Sixense Strategy View

    Parissa Behnia

  • Parkside Industries

  • Parkside Industries

  • Parkway Metal

  • Chief Executive Officer, Matrix 4 View

    Patricia Miller

  • Patrick Metals

  • Senior Marketing Manager, The Kellogg Company View

    Paul Luna

  • Managing Director at Clean Energy Trust (CET) View

    Paul Seidler

  • Power. By You. View


  • 8" Wheel Diameter
    Course Wheel
    Fine Wheel

    Pedestal Grinder

  • We can help you build your software platform, add APIs to your product and more. View


  • Perkins + Will

  • Petersen Brothers plastics

  • Phoenix Tool and Molding

  • Pinteal

  • Plastics Lab

  • Plattsburgh Spring

  • 18lb limit
    10" length limit
    For deburring, polishing and finishing

    Polishing Tumbler

  • Polytech Industries

  • Dual Voltage
    Extra jars available

    Powdered Coating Station

  • Intelligent Power Management View

    Powermatic Technologies

  • Precision weight measurement
    Up to 100g by 0.001g

    Precision Microgram Scale

  • Precision Power Analyzer
    0-15V 0-3Amp

    Precision Power Meter

  • 220-1000 Grit
    Tool Sharpening Only
    90 RPM

    Precision Tool Sharpener

  • Prismier LLC

  • Pro-Tech Metal Specialties, Inc.


  • Calibrate instrumentation for a process
    Measure voltage and resistance to calibrate to flow, temperature, etc

    Process Calibrator

  • Protocol Engineer (Golang)

  • Proxfinity

  • Psychophysics Intern

  • PTA

  • PTI

  • You specify it! We design it! View

    Quasar Design

  • Shop Sherpa View

    Quinn Campbell

  • Create controlled test environments

    Radio Frequency Isolation Chamber

  • Product development, analysis, engineering and prototyping View

    Rafferty Engineering

  • Rapid Sheet Metal

  • REENTEL Inc.

  • Refrigerator and Freezer


  • A clever person solves a problem, but a wise person prevents it. - Albert Einstein View


  • Vice President of Engineering, Connected Products at Chamberlain Group, Inc. View

    Robert Keller

  • Chief Executive Officer, Life 4.0 View

    Roger Shores

  • Mill Circuit boards
    6 ATC
    auto z sensor

    Roland MDX-50

  • Rowmark

  • RTP Co.

  • Sales

  • Salom America Company

  • Sapa Extrusions

  • Quality Developers. Quality Software. View

    SaucyBytes LLC

  • 3.0 HP
    Blade: 10"
    Max. Blade Height: 3"

    Sawstop Table Saw

  • Scott Abbott Manufacturing Company

  • Owner and President, Innovation Machine View

    Scott Miller

  • 6" Blade
    Max. Throat Depth: 20"

    Scroll Saw

  • Senior Electrical Engineer

  • Senior Mechanical Engineer

  • Senior Power Electrics Engineer

  • Senior Software Engineer

  • SentryCard Technologies, Inc.

  • SER Studios

  • Bernina 700D
    Professional Knife Drive from Above
    Variable Speed Flat/Gathered Seams


  • Director of Marketing View

    Shannon McGhee

  • Controller View

    Sharon Harrison

  • Sheehan Nagle Hartray Architects

  • 5HP Spindle
    4'x8' Bed
    6 Tool Changer
    Vacuum Hold Down Table

    ShopBot CNC Router

  • Simplomatic Mfg. Co.

  • Singer E99670
    Striaght Stich
    Automatic Buttonhole

    Singer Sewing Machine

  • Siris Capital Consulting

  • Expanding the freedom of skateboarders View

    Skate Kastle

  • SKOL Manufacturing

  • 3,800 rpm Motor
    Miter 60° to Right
    Miter 50°to Left

    Sliding Miter Saw

  • Smart Factory Network

  • SMC Molding and Manufacturing

  • SMDP Studio

  • Software

  • Software Engineer-Field Applications

  • SolidWorks Professional 2018


  • Soloinsight Inc

  • Solvent Based
    Clean grease, oil and other contaminants from parts
    7.5"x 27.5" x 16.25"

    Solvent Wash Station

  • Light the SPARK in tomorrow’s engineers! View


  • Analyze cellular or wifi networks

    Spectrum Analyzer

  • Square Circuit Hardware

  • Solder Electronic components

    Standard Solder and Heat Gun Stations

  • Standfast TRAM

  • We work with clients at all stages of development. We’ll help build your brand’s DNA, grow its success and measure its footprint. Our work starts with your story View

    Steel Croissant

  • Examine small components
    Magnification 7x to 50x

    Stereo Microscope

  • Co-Executive Chairman of Motivate View

    Steve Koch

  • Managing Director, ASK Products, Inc. View

    Steven Kase

  • Professional FDM 3D printer
    0.33-0.17mm layer
    ABS filament
    355 x 254 x 355 mm H

    Stratasys F370

  • Professional Polyjet 3D Printer
    0.014mm layer
    full color and clear printing with variable flexibility
    volume 490 x 390 x 200 mm H View

    Stratasys J750 Multi-Material PolyJet

  • Consider it done. View


  • Digital printing, (2x HP Indego), flat and roll large format UV inks, Digital DIe cut (Zund CNC router/ scoring/ cutter) View

    Sunrise Hitek

  • Surgical Innovation Associates

  • Goodbye boring. Hello Fitness! View


  • Synergeo Designs

  • T/J Fabricators

  • Creativity Lives Here View

    Talbot 3 LLC

  • Tap from #4- 1/2"
    40" swing
    Reaming & Deburring

    Tapping Arm

  • TCI Vacuum Forming

  • Measure Tensile or compression forces up 20lbs

    Tension Compressor Tester

  • Testing Lab

  • Textiles Lab

  • Titan Metals

  • Toast

  • President, Manor Tool and Manufacturing Company View

    Tom Simeone

  • 18" x 11" working area
    110 IPM
    7500 RPM
    12 ATC
    ETS tool setter
    flood/mist/air coolant and chip evac

    Tormach 1100M

  • 6.2" swing over carriage
    100-3500 RPM
    8 ATC/3 gang plate/quick change tool post
    automatic collet closer
    bar puller
    rigid tapping
    5C or 6" chuck

    Tormach 15L Slant Pro Lathe

  • 18" x 9.5" working area
    1.5 HP
    110 IPM
    5100 RPM
    10 ATC
    ETS tool setter
    flood/mist/air coolant and chip evac

    Tormach PCNC1100

  • Managing Director, MATH Venture Partners View

    Troy Henikoff

  • PCB population, Surface Mount and Through hole, Engineering, Quality Control, Box Builds and Fulfillment View

    Twisted Traces

  • Twisted Traces

  • Vice President, Pritzker Group View

    Ty Findley

  • UI/UX Architect

  • UL

  • UL

  • Union Tank Car

  • United Conveyor Corporation

  • Universal Electric Foundry

  • 150W CO2 laser
    18x32" bed
    upgraded optics and motors
    Windows Printer Driver

    Universal Laser PLS6.150 Production Laser

  • 30W CO2 laser
    12 x 16" bed
    Windows Printer Driver

    Universal Laser Systems VLS 2.30 Desktop

  • 60W CO2 laser
    12x24" bed
    Windows Printer Driver

    Universal Laser Systems VLS.60

  • Cycle test products or analyze material properties
    Max load 200lbs

    Universal Testing Machine

  • UPS

  • Uptake

  • Urban Rivers

  • Acting Director, Argonne National Laboratory View

    Ushma Kriplani

  • USP (United States Plastic Corp)

  • Valmont Industries

  • Vcarve Pro is simple easy to use CAM toolpathing software geared towards 2D CNC work View

    VCarve Pro

  • Verena Solutions

  • .25" or less stock
    20” x 20” Bed Size
    Tilt deg: 8 F & B, 12 L & 15 R
    82-330 SFM

    Vertical Band Saw

  • Voodoo Manufacturing

  • VP of Business Development

  • VP of Engineering

  • We turn Power into Action View

    Walterscheid Inc. Woodridge

  • We turn Power into Action View

    Walterscheid Powertrain Group

  • Wet Lab

  • Mentor/Advisor at Chicago Entrepreneurial Eco system View

    Willem Bakker

  • William VanBuskirk

  • Winston Privacy

  • Woodworking Shop

  • Write, Erase, and Go with WRIGO View


  • 9.8" x 9.8" x 2.5"
    .005" accuracy
    16,000-27,000 RPM


  • Chief Executive Officer, Inventables View

    Zach Kaplan

  • ZenBlen

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