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mHUB Additional Curriculum: Discovery Stage

Di-sco-ver-y: The act or process of gaining knowledge for the first time. 
Contractor Agreements

This discussion will cover the need-to-knows of entering into a contracting agreement from the perspective of a company looking for paid assistance and a contractor wanting to pick-up work. This class will cover the necessary paperwork and sample legal agreements, process to hire and creating a work plan/payment schedule, and best resources to find contractors/contract work. 

Learn the Ins & Outs of Focus Groups: Join Emergo by UL's Human Factors Research & Design team for an enlightening workshop on the why and how of conducting focus groups. Learn how to obtain valuable insights from target customers no matter what your stage of product design and development. You will have the opportunity to work on your own product during the workshop, and even try your hand at some mock focus group activities!
Cold Calling 101 

The sales process is crucial to start-up's growth, whether your company is big or small. Cold Calling can have an immediate impact on your bottom line, but most people don't where to begin. Led by Maureen Wozniak of the BBB, this class will cover the basics of cold calling including: how to get to the decision maker, how to close more business, and what to consider when giving pricing.

Resources: Constructing the Pitch

Designing for Product Launch Success

Join Jim Shaw for an introductory class on the processes and technologies needed to successfully launch a product into production. Important Mass Manufacturing and Production-related topics include: Developing an effective Supply Chain, Engineering Documentation, Cost-Based Decision Making, and Assembly. Additionally, this class will give you an introductory understanding of several popular manufacturing processes: CNC Machining, Casting, Forging, Sheet Metal Forming/Stamping, and more!

Grant Writing 

Grant writing can be difficult to tackle with little prior experience, so expert consultant Michelle Sherbun is teaching this new workshop to give key insight on what makes a grant application successful. This highly interactive workshop will help you to develop your grant narrative and help you extend this narrative into your case for support so that your story can lead to funding and ensure the success of your business.
Introduction to Project Management

The first in the "mHUB Hardware Product Development Fundamentals" Curriculum, this class cover an overview of General Project Management by explaining two different frameworks that have been successfully deployed across many industries: Traditional "Phase-Gate" and the more versatile "Agile." Taught by Jim Shaw, you will walk away from this class with a much better understanding of how to manage your team and tasks, and a framework to launch your product to market on time and on budget.

Founders Agreements

In this class, you will learn about the importance of founder agreements, how to divide equity among co-founders, and key terms that founders should consider including in such agreements such as vesting, acceleration and IP ownership provisions.
Design Validation and Testing

This class will address a variety of failure prevention test methods, processes, and technologies. Requirements can vary greatly depending on the industry and the complexity of the product, so this introductory class will provide an overview of design validations techniques for: Quality, Safety, Compliance, Usability, Durability and Performance. After attending this class, you will have a greater idea of a realistic scope (and potential cost) of your testing program. 
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Protecting your business with NDAs

Are you a founder or entrepreneur with legal considerations in mind? Heard about Confidential Disclosure Agreements but don't know what they are? Join us for a Lunch and Learn with Heather Harper, where we'll get into ways of legally protecting your business, and why it's important. 

Negotiation Basics for Entrepreneurs

During this webinar, Assistant Clinical Professor Emily Underwood of The University of Chicago Law School will provide participants with an entry level primer on negotiation. We will talk about how to prepare for a negotiation, what to expect during the negotiation process, and some negotiation strategies.

Unconventional Networking

Join Viti Companies Anna-Maria Viti-Welch in this webinar that shares tips, tricks, and strategies for keeping your networking momentum going strong in a new and different world. This webinar will push you to expand your reaches and bolster your rate of success in networking irrespective of all the limiting factors that engaging virtually or otherwise can help eliminate.

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