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mHUB Additional Curriculum: Delivery Stage

De-liv-er-y: The act or manner of sending to an intended destination.
Business Track
Technical Track
Creating Amazon Roadmap 

In this interactive workshop, we'll be exploring the core foundational steps needed to build your Amazon roadmap from validation and launch strategy to optimization and getting to page one of search results. Whether you've already launched your product Amazon or are considering launching on Amazon, join us for a collaborative session of learning and building with Daniela Bolzmann of Mindfull Goods, a boutique Amazon consultancy that works with mission-based brands
Preparing for Product Launch 

In today's world of complex products being built across global supply chains, it's more critical than ever to have your T's crossed, and your I's dotted before you pull the trigger. Full control over design data, scheduling, and production expenses, along with clear communication throughout the team will be needed to reduce your risk. Taught by Jim Shaw of Fastway Engineering, this class will teach you how to create, and close out, the ultimate Production Readiness checklist.
Creating Your Board of Directors 

As your company grows you will need a board of directors, governors, and advisers. Taught by Steve Farsht, Co-Founder of Corazon Capital, this class will help you create your first board while keeping in mind your business goals Learn the details and aspects of governance that apply as an organization grows and becomes more complex.
Social Media & Digital Strategies

This workshop will offer frameworks and insights on how to connect your business or organization to your critical audiences through social media and other digital channels. Led by Demetrio Cardona-Maguigad, Strategic Design Director of LimeRed, this class will work on developing an informed, flexible and agile social media strategy for your business.
PR & Content Marketing

When you're looking to grow your business and increase your brand awareness, PR and content marketing are two of the strongest tools to reach your target audiences. This class, taught by David Kelbaugh, CEO of Tacklebox, will teach you the most effective way to package an announcement to reach your target customers and engage new audiences. Additionally, this class will offer DIY practices for content marketing and PR, and which publications/journalists to connect and how to engage them.
Business Track Continued
Social Media & Branding: Advertising Law  

In this webinar lead by attorney Erin Conway, startups will learn the pros, cons, and risks, of having a social media presence and how to manage those risks. In addition, learn some new considerations for when engaging with third parties- influencers, marketing and advertising agencies, design firms, manufacturers, suppliers, etc. and how to safely host contests and promotions using your socials!
Selling Virtually: Putting the Buyer First 

This webinar, lead by LinkedIn's Eric Bloomberg, addresses the change in the selling landscape and how to combat and work with those changes to continue to build a strong pipeline of potential buyers and customers.

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