mHUB Hardtech Development

 mHUB Hardtech Development

Harness the Power of Entrepreneurship to Fuel your R&D

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Access To Deep Product Expertise 

mHUB’s rich talent pool of over 500+ highly skilled engineers, designers and developers provides access for manufacturers to outsource innovation and product development. As the industry evolves, so does the breadth of talent, technologies and innovation at mHUB. Expertise range from facilitated executive workshops and webinars, to consumer electronics, IoT, commercial and industrial equipment, automation and more. 

The Approach 

Every project is different. mHUB partners with clients to help define and understand the problems, challenges, and needs. mHUB can jump in at any point of the process to support clients from generating concepts, concept-to-prototype, prototype-to-production, and everything in between. Each team is individually curated to include innovators with the right expertise that is best suited to meet the needs of each unique project. Coupled with speed and quality, mHUB applies a collaborative, iterative, agile and forward-thinking approach to rapid prototyping and product development.


Our Capabilities 

  • Strategy

    • Marketing
    • Branding 
    • Financial Modeling
    • Story-telling

  • Design

    • Brainstorms
    • Concept Generation
    • Sketches
    • 3D Modeling
    • Human Factors

  • Engineering

    • Mobile and Web Design
    • Materials
    • Firmware and Software
    • FEA and CFD
    • Prototyping and Fabrication 
    • User Testing
  • Manufacturing

    • Automation
    • Process Improvement
    • Sourcing
    • Quoting 
    • Pre-Production Manufacturing 

  • Expertise

    • Webinars on Tech Trends 
    • Hands on Workshops
    • Access to Cutting-Edge Technology

Our Clients

Client Testimonial:

  • Marmon company logo.

    "We were able to go from problem statement to prototype in less than a month. It’s mHUB’s speed, couple with their flexibility, that’s really hard to beat.”

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