Stratasys J750 Multi-Material PolyJet - 3D Printer Lab
Stratasys J750 Multi-Material PolyJet
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Stratasys J750 Multi-Material PolyJet

Professional Polyjet 3D Printer
0.014mm layer
full color and clear printing with variable flexibility
volume 490 x 390 x 200 mm H

Machine TitleStratasys J750
Machine PurposeHigh detail models, marketing models, full color prototyping, flexible material.
Training necessaryRun by staff only
Material LimitationsVero multi-color, multi-durometer.
Working Dimensions490mm x 390mm x 200mm
Software or File Type

GrabCAD Voxel Print

see lab staff for software assistance

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Additional InfoManufacturer's Website

    • Design Guide
    • GrabCAD Voxel Print Software
    • Material Data
    • SDS Vero Polyjet material
    • Specifications Sheet

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