Scott Miller - mHUB Mentorship Program
Scott Miller

Scott Miller

Owner and President, Innovation Machine

Scott Miller is the founder and president of The Innovation Machine, an industrial engineering firm that helps people make things more efficiently. Specializing in digital design and manufacturing, his company architects and implements product development systems and processes that increase productivity. After obtaining an industrial engineering degree from Penn State and military service as a naval officer, he founded a company that designed and manufactured golf clubheads for many of the largest golf companies and PGA tour players. Having owned and operated a manufacturing facility in the United States, he has full understanding of the challenges and opportunities for small- to medium-sized manufacturers.

Scott's main core areas are:

  • CNC Machining – Detailed knowledge of every resource (People, Process, Technology, Machines, and Material) needed to go from ‘art to part’
  • Hardware Physical Product Development – Knowledge of the entire Product Development System for hardware – from concept to commercialization
  • Digital Production Systems –  How to visualize, analyze, and optimize Digital Production Systems

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