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Formlabs Form 3
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Formlabs Form 3

SLA 3D Printer
resins of varied properties
volume: 5.7" L x 5.7" W x "6.9" H

Machine TitleForm 3
SafetyGloves must be worn while handling resin and uncleaned parts
Machine Purpose3D printing utlizing SLA printing technologies
Training necessaryIndividual Training Session with Shop Staff
Material LimitationsFormlab or compatible Resin
Working Dimensions5.7" L x 5.7 W " × 6.9" H
0.001, 0.002, 0.004 inches layer thicknesses
AccessoriesRinse tanks,  UV cure box
Software or File Type


To pay for material go to:

Quick guide:

  1. Download Preform
  2. Open .stl file in preform
  3. Select printer and material (this printer is FranticDassie) IP:
  4. Orient part and generate supports (If you are unsure of optimal orientation use One-Click-Print)
  5. Look at material usage on the right side in mLs
  6. Go to start a project and upload the 1mL cube file you can download below
  7. Go to the project then, under the files tab, click View on the cube file
  8. Select Formlabs SLA, then, select the material. Be sure to click on the color
  9. Set the quantity to the closest number in milliliters as seen in Preform.
  10. Click save then Go to Billing
  11. Under the billing, tab add the item to your invoice then select create invoice
  12. Click on the auto-generated invoice at the bottom of the billing page and pay the invoice with your credit card.
  13. Go back to Preform and click the orange print button on the right side of the screen (this will send the file to the printer)
  14. Once at the printer insert the correct material cartridge and build tank
  15. Check that the build platform is clean and inserted correctly if not clean with isopropyl making sure it is dry then insert fully being sure to lock the release lever down
  16. Start your print
  17. Once print is complete remove build tray and place in the wash station for 15 minutes. Note: wash station is NOT isopropyl
  18. Once wash is complete use blue tray to take print and platform to sink 
  19. Rinse with water for 5 minutes
  20. Remove part from build platform carefully with a scraper 
  21. If part remains tacky rinse part in isopropyl bath located near the printer
  22. Look at curing datasheet downloadable below to see if the material requires a post cure if so use the cure station located next to the wash station
  23. Enjoy your finished part

Other Notes:

Minimum Supported Wall Thickness: Recommended: 0.4 m

Minimum Unsupported Wall Thickness: Recommended: 0.6 mm

Maximum Unsupported Overhang Length: Recommended: 1.0 mm

Minimum Unsupported Overhang Angle: Recommended: 19° from level

Maximum Horizontal Support Span/Bridge: Recommended: 21 mm

Minimum Vertical-Wire Diameter: Recommended: 0.3 mm (7 mm tall) to 1.5 mm (30 mm tall)

Minimum Embossed Detail: Recommended: 0.1 mm

Minimum Engraved Detail: Recommended: 0.4 mm

Minimum Clearance: Recommended: 0.5 mm

Minimum Hole Diameter: Recommended: 0.5 mm

Minimum Drain Hole Diameter: Recommended: 3.5 mm diameter

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    • 1mL unit
    • Form cure times and temps

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