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Hubly Surgical, Inc.


Hubly is revolutionizing intracranial access, leveraging state-of-the-art technology to make neurosurgical procedures easier to perform, safer, sterile and more accurate. 20,000 intracranial access procedures are performed outside of the operating room annually in the U.S. which yield a 50% failure rate. The Hubly Ventri Drill is the first and only intracranial access-focused product to feature drilling guidance, plunge protection, integrated battery power, and catheter guidance in one system. Hubly is modernizing previously high-failure bedside intracranial access manual hand crank technology, which has remained largely unchanged since the 1400s, by creating an easy-to-use handheld, battery-powered drilling system that improves accuracy and reduces the risk of infection, making the procedure exponentially safer. For the larger operating room market (est. 80,000 procedures U.S. annual), Ventri Drill still provides a safer and more streamlined approach at a significantly reduced cost.

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