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Specialize in developing the next generation of bicycle lighting. Using years of experience designing automotive LED headlights, Outbound Lighting was formed in the frustration of not being able to find a bike light that was nothing more than a fancy flashlight.

Using the same software that OEM's use, we developed a range of lighting solutions for Road bikers, Mountain bikers, Gravel riders, Endurance riders, and even some unique one-off projects for customers.

In addition to selling consumer products, we also offer engineering services for those who are looking to take their lighting to the next level. Specialize in automotive lighting, bike lighting, lighting to meet regional regulations (STvZO, ISO, etc.) light pipes and light diffusers.

    • Hangover Helmet Light
    • Solidworks Render of Hangover, our newest product
    • Hangover Helmet Light
    • Showcasing the slim form factor of our new helmet light
    • Outbound Lighting Road Edition
    • Front View of the Road Edition
    • Outbound Lighting Trail Edition

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