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Embroidery Machine
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Embroidery Machine

Brother BAS-415
9 needle

Machine TitleBrother BAS-415
Machine PurposeCNC Embroidery 
Training necessarydemonstrate proper use to staff member
Material Limitations
Working DimensionsN/A
Accessoriesthread, hoops, stabilizer
Software or File TypeEmbrilliance Level 1
Additional Info

    • Manufacturers Manual

We use software from Embrilliance to create patterns for the embroidery machine.

The software is available on the computer in the textiles lab.
You can work with the software on your own PC. There are plenty of tutorials online to get you started with this software.

I recommend you keep it simple, do a small 1-2 thread job in muslin to learn how to work with the machine before tackling more challenging work.

Software is available here: https://embrilliance.com/downloads


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