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    1/1/1900 12:00 AM
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    Discovery - Currently in ideation phase, customer discovery and validation, building my prototype.

NoMo Diagnostics


Standardizing and automating validated real-time concussion detection for athletes and soldiers to better manage brain health. We seek to redefine the experience of concussed individuals through early objective identification thus modernizing the current standard of care involving a paper and pencil questionnaire. NoMo's platform technology has the potential to become the gold standard in concussion identification with a direct physiological measurement of the brainwave immediately upon an impact event.

We are developing a platform technology leveraging a miniaturized quantitative electroencephalogram device with a novel biosensor that will be worn under-the-helmet by both athletes and military to alert when mild traumatic brain injury (concussion) is detected. A proprietary algorithm is used to process the brainwaves and should it register a physiologically relevant concussive event, an unambiguous alert is sent to the sidelines or command rescue operations.

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