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    Growth - We have traction and sales. We’re currently ramping up scale for production in the tens of thousands and are looking to fund that growth, grow our team, and improve quality control and supply chain.

Light Guide Systems


Learn more about Light Guide Systems™, Light Guide Stratus™ and Sight Guide™. Light Guide Systems™, our patented and practical augmented reality technology has been running 24/7 for companies around the world with manual operations, including assembly, part kitting, inspection, or even training.  Light Guide Systems™ can light your path to a no faults forward process.

OPS Solutions, LLC provides innovative augmented reality solutions to complex real-life operational problems. Our fourth generation patented projector-based Light Guide Systems™ provides an innovative error proofing technology, applying industrial strength projectors and vision systems to guide and confirm completion of complicated tasks. Standard electronic or hard copy work instructions can be replaced with projected visual display features, that deliver highly effective operator instructions with the right information, at the right place, and at the right time.  Light Guide Systems™ technology provides the visualization, traceability and flexibility demanded by leading companies worldwide. 

Here are links to videos from our booth demonstrations:
Light Guide Systems Stratus
Light Guide Systems Classic
Light Guide Systems Sight Guide


Our introduction video and live application videos can be viewed on our website at:
Light Guide Systems Videos

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