Tormach 15L Slant Pro Lathe - Cold Metals Lab

Tormach 15L Slant Pro Lathe

6.2" swing over carriage
100-3500 RPM
8 ATC/3 gang plate/quick change tool post
automatic collet closer
bar puller
rigid tapping
5C or 6" chuck

Machine TitleTormach15L Slant Pro CNC Lathe
Safety DeviceFull Enclosure
Machine PurposeTurning and Cutting Metals and Plastics
Training necessaryTBD
Material LimitationsNo wood, dusty or fiberous materials
Machine Specs

Spindle Speed (limited by work holding type)100-3500
Spindle Taper5C
Spindle Bore1.53" with 5c removed
Spindle NoseD1-4 Cam Lock
Horse Power3
Feed Rate60IPM
Swing Over Bed Diameter:15″
Swing Over Carriage Diameter:6.2″
X-Axis Travel:10″
Z-Axis Travel:12″
FeaturesRigid Tapping, Constant Surface Speed, Threading Constnat

AccessoriesEZ Puller, automatic collet closer, 6" 3 jaw chuck, 8 position turrent, 3 position gang plate, quick change tool post holder, 5C collet holder, 3MT Tailstock
Software or File TypePath Pilot
Tooling Always Avaiable

Left Hand Turning: SCLCR-12-4B (80deg Rhombus)

Right Hand Turning/Facing: SCLCR-12-4B (80deg Rhombus)

Right Hand Grooving/Cut Off: SGTHR 19-4 (80deg Rhombus)

Neutral Turning: SRDCN 12-6C (.25" Round)

Boring: Length: 4.0", 6.0", 7.0", 8.0", 10.0" Dia 0.3125", 0.375", 0.500", 0.625", 0.750"

OD Threading: SER0500H11 


EZ Puller: Coming Soon

Fusion 360 Processors: Fusion 360 HSM Library

For additional CADD assets please see shop staff to gain access

In Fusion 360 Tool Library

Turret 0 = Positional Turret
Turret 1 = Quick Change Front Tool Post
Turret 2 = Quick Change Rear Tool Post (use this for tool post with turret installed)
Turret 3 = Gang Tooling on Front Tool Post
Turret 4 = Gang Tooling on Rear Tool Post

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For tool libraries please see Cold Metals General Info

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  1. Download the templates for Fusion 360 from the mHub website (each Tormach machine and Fusion 360 listing) 
  2. In Fusion 360 preferences make sure Cloud Libraries are enabled
  3. Open Fusion 360's Data Panel
  4. In Fusion data panel scroll down to Libraries -> Assets -> CAM Templates
  5. Click Upload and select all the templates provided

6. To utilize, in your setup file in CAM right click and select "Create From Template"


    1. Download the tool library for Fusion 360 from the mHub website 
    2. In Fusion 360 preferences make sure Cloud Libraries are enabled
    3. Navigate to the tool library
    4. In the tool library right click on cloud and import tool library, selecting the tool library you downloaded from the mHub site

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