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    Delivery - We’re on a design freeze, are doing first run of production and are getting ready to deliver/sell our product to our customers.

Petal Technology


Petal makes superpowers. First, we're making people and machines telepathic. We are a team of 4 and have a working prototype.

1) A headband that lets people control digital and physical things with their minds. 
2) SDK for developers to let their games, applications, and machines be able to communicate with the headband.

Business model: 
Multi-sided platform for developers and gamers. 
Revenues earned through headband sales & API usage.

Dan Schmitz, CEO leads emerging technology projects at the Accenture Innovation Pod of North America. Prior to Accenture, he founded The Nerdery UX Lab and the company’s internal research and development community. For Petal, Dan is responsible for the formation and execution of the vision and strategy.

James Glazer, Head of Research - Neuroscience is a doctoral candidate at Northwestern University studying Clinical Neuroscience. He has been working in the field for more than seven years and has developed a wide range of applications for consumer EEG devices. Discovering new ways of turning brain power into reality is his passion.

Stefan Lopez, Head of Data & A.I. is the Data Science Team Manager at NITS Solutions in Novi, Michigan. He is a seasoned veteran at providing enterprise-level business solutions across all facets of the data life cycle. Though holding a degree in Philosophy, Stefan has since rejected Plato for Python.

Michael Glazer, Head of Software Engineering is a software engineer who graduated with a BSE in Computer Science from the University of Michigan. He currently works as a software engineer at an MIT lab where he manages and processes hundreds of terabytes of video and tabular data in support of autonomous vehicle research. He was also a TA for the MIT courses Deep Learning for Self-Driving Cars (6.S094) and Artificial General Intelligence (6.S099).

Each member of the has played a vital role in the development of our first prototype - the telepathic headband powered by our SDK. The team turned their neuroscience hobby into a company that redefines how we interact with our world.

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