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Fortus 450mc
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Fortus 450mc

Professional FDM 3D printer
ABS filament
0.330 to 0.127mm layer height
406mm L x 355mm W x 406mm H

Machine TitleFortus 450mc
Machine PurposeProtoyping, design validation, bridge tooling, AM production
Training necessaryRun by staff only
Material LimitationsEngineering Thermoplastics
Working Dimensions406 x 355 x 406 mm (16 x 14 x 16 in)
AccessoriesDual extruder, heated enclosure, water soluble support material autoswitchover
Software or File Type

Grabcad Print and Insight (accepts STL and native solid file types)

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Tooling.330 to 0.127mm- layer height
Additional NotesManufacture's Data Sheet

    • Fortus 450mc Data Sheet
    • Price calculator spread sheet
    • Slicing in GrabCad Print
    • Submitting a Job

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