[Hot Metals] General Information - Hot Metals Lab
[Hot Metals] General Information
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[Hot Metals] General Information

Hot Metals Lab
Welding, grinding, plasma cutting, and torch work.


Hot Metals


Things to pay attention to: Sparks, Blinding Light/Arc, Sharp Edges/Burrs, Hot Metal, running equipment

Area Purpose

Cutting, Welding, Grinding of Metal

Required Trainings

Mig/Tig/Plasma cutter training is held off site and run by Arc Academy for a fee.

Required Trainings By Help Session

All equipment in Hot Metals requires training. 

Material Limitations

No wood/Plastic


Located in room besides cold metals, in what used to be the laser lab. Entrance between large Boss Fiber Laser, and large green hydraulic shear.

Accessories and Tooling

Tungsten Grinders, Die Grinder, Angle Grinders, Bench Vises, C Clamps (variety)

Material for Purchase


Scrap Material

Large pallet bin/drum in corner of the room

Shop Staff Contact

Quinn Campbell: Quinn@mHUBChicago.com


Make sure to use appropriate grinder/sanding disc/media/blade for metal selection. 

 Great Video Resources

Proper Grinder usage

Oxy Acetylene Usage

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