mHUB Innovation Emil Koulov - mHUB Mentorship Program
Emil Koulov

Emil Koulov

Director, GoAnalytix (Go-to-Market, Business Product Design)

Emil is a MacGyver-skilled leader with Strategic and Operational specialization who drives Strategic Growth and Innovation, and transforms business initiatives-- the CEO way-- across the organization and functions. He is the initiator and co-creator of BAMM (Business Adaptive Multi-dimensional Methodology) via which he skillfully "connects the dots" and simplifies complex business needs in such a way that illuminates a visible path to insights and action, often to be undertaken in a go-to-market direction, with his guidance.

Emil has been a trusted Advisor to 45+ diverse businesses, including high-growth, fast-paced startups, focusing on Strategic direction for Innovation, dynamic Product Development and Design, Go-to-Market success, Growth Hacking via Clever Marketing, and Business Plan (re)definition and evolution.

Emil has B.S. in Marketing and Finance from the University of Evansville Schroeder School of Business and MBA in Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Emil's 3 main core areas:

  • Product Development with Product-Market fit
  • Go-to-Market integrated Strategy, followed by efficient, integrated Operational Strategy
  • Effective Sales Process (re)engineering, with thoughtful Customer Engagement included

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