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Darcy Bonner
Darcy Bonner
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    Sales, Marketing, Financial/Fundraising, Business Development/Marketing/Sales, Product Design/Engineering, Sourcing/Supply Chain Management, Business Strategy

Darcy Bonner

Manager, Strategy, Innovation, and M&A, Schneider Electric North America

Darcy Bonner is currently a manager of the strategy, innovation, and M&A team for Schneider Electric North America. He has a background in investment banking and is extremely passionate and curious about early stage entrepreneurship and growing the Chicago innovation ecosystem.  In his current role, he executes, identifies, and manages research and integration of early-stage and validated innovation, technology, market trends, new business models, and startups linked to short and long-term strategy, while shaping the strategic direction of the long-term innovation pipeline.  This includes developing deep understanding and insights of the commercial ecosystem (hardware, software, and services) around critical assets.  In his free time Darcy enjoys mentoring and reading/studying about entrepreneurship - if you need assistance with anything - just ask!      

Darcy's main focus areas are:

  • Strategy (includes Product Development, Business Models, Customer Identification, Sales, Marketing, Scaling, ect.)
  • Fund Raising & Financial 
  • Growth Hacking

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