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    Year Founded
    1/1/1900 12:00 AM
    Member Business Stage
    Growth - We have traction and sales. We’re currently ramping up scale for production in the tens of thousands and are looking to fund that growth, grow our team, and improve quality control and supply chain.



At Tanvas, we envision a world where every display is a true touchscreen, not just a visual display with touch inputOur technology adds a new dimension – the realistic sense of touch – so you can create dynamic textures that can be felt with the swipe of a finger.

We use electrostatics to control friction and create dynamic, high-bandwidth, localized haptic feedback right at your fingertips. The applications for this technology are endless – feel the edges of keys, the snap of a toggle switch, the swipe of a turned page, the direction and magnitude of impacts in a game. 

We are a Northwestern spinout and associate members at mHub with offices at 600 W Van Buren in West Loop. 

    • Augmented/Virtual Reality
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