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    1/1/1900 12:00 AM
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    Growth - We have traction and sales. We’re currently ramping up scale for production in the tens of thousands and are looking to fund that growth, grow our team, and improve quality control and supply chain.

Steel Croissant

From successful product launches to gorgeous websites, we’re proud to help brands reach new heights every day!

At Steel Croissant, we help brands discover who they are and where they want to go. Then, we get them there.


We work with brands at all stages of development to offer solutions that are adaptable, actionable, and measurable. Every project starts with research and ends with analysis to deliver a 360-degree scope of work.

Our approach focuses on creating digital experiences that define your brand and help it stand the test of time.

The Steel Croissant team brings together talented marketers, designers, project managers, and digital strategists, each with years of experience and unique skills. We’re ready to tackle whatever you throw at us.

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    • Aiwa - Sales Support
    • Steel Croissant delivered fresh sales sheets and custom content that communicated the core values of new Aiwa products and aligned with the company’s strong brand identity. The sheets have been used both online and in stores to support sales teams and inform customers.
    • Anomalix - Case Study Video
    • Steel Croissant delivered a testimonial video that blended together interview and stock footage to tell a compelling and cohesive story of success. Anomalix found the video so helpful that they ultimately in a case study and a white paper.
    • Cast21 - Web Development
    • Steel Croissant delivered a digital refresh for Cast21 that included a fully redesigned website and new marketing automations. The website was redeveloped to enhance customer experience, focus messaging, and support the needs of product distributors. Steel Croissant also built out automated marketing sequences to help Cast21’s small-but-mighty team save time and increase the efficiency of previously time-consuming tasks, such as onboarding new clients.
    • CastAway - Product Launch
    • Steel Croissant delivered an Indiegogo campaign that far surpassed its crowdfunding goal and created a path forward for the client’s product launch. The campaign raised more than $450,000 — 9x the initial target — in the extremely competitive landscape of technology crowdfunding. The success was supported by marketing collateral and an advertising strategy that pushed the campaign to incredible heights. Along with the Indiegogo page, Steel Croissant developed a standalone website, a crowdfunding video, and other digital assets that were used to drive interest through advertising. At its peak, the ad campaign was generating a 20x return on ad spend.
    • Chipbot - Inbound Marketing
    • Steel Croissant’s campaign delivered a package of high-value content that helped Chipbot to find its first customers and validate the company’s product. To attract readers to Chipbot’s blog and social media channels, Steel Croissant created content in multiple formats, targeted at specific audiences. Blog posts demonstrated the brand’s subject-matter expertise and thought leadership on topics relevant to Chipbot customers. A testimonial video provided social proof for the company’s new product. And a panel event and video recap directly introduced the brand to more than 200 attendees, resulting in immediate leads.
    • Dock Watch - Branding
    • Starting with the basics, Steel Croissant delivered a suite of creative assets that served as the foundation for the brand’s identity and provided a direction forward for future marketing efforts. The name Dock Watch was chosen because of its easy recall and descriptive language. A clean, memorable logo was created that connects the product to its intended audience. And a Brand Guide was developed to establish the brand’s voice and tone, color palette, typography and more.
    • Siemens - Product Strategy
    • Steel Croissant delivered three original resources that aligned Siemens messaging on product offerings, sales strategies, and objectives. The materials included streamlined training presentations that enhanced the sales teams’ understanding of the company’s products, audiences, and markets. Following the project’s success, Siemens extended its partnership with Steel Croissant and tasked the agency with continuing its work with additional areas of the company.
    • Verena Solutions - Web Development
    • As a strategic marketing partner, Steel Croissant helped Verena navigate a digital transformation by equipping the company with the tools and knowledge needed to expand its capabilities. After a comprehensive audit of Verena’s website, Steel Croissant delivered a refreshed version with new copy that clarified and strengthened its brand identity. Steel Croissant also produced videos, blogs, and other materials for an inbound marketing campaign that generated new leads and increased brand awareness. Finally, Steel Croissant streamlined Verena’s marketing tasks by adding several integrations to its marketing hub, including CRM implementation and marketing automations.

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