EOS Formiga P110 SLS - 3D Printer Lab
EOS Formiga P110 SLS

EOS Formiga P110 SLS

Selective Laser Sinterer
sintered white nylon
vol: 184mm x 233mm x 316mm H

Machine TitleFormiga P110
Machine PurposeHigh Strength, High Resolution 3D Printing
Training necessaryPrint are run by shop staff only
Material LimitationsWhite Nylon Powder
Working DimensionsBeds are run with multiple member projects, Full bed size is 184mm x 233mm x 316mm
Software or File TypeTo submit a job please go to https://mhub.makeros.com/login
Additional InfoManufacturer's Website

    • Design for SLS
    • Machine Operation Basic Training
    • PA2200 Nylon Powder Data Sheet

mHUB uses mhub.makeros.com to organize jobs for its professional 3D printers, including the SLS 3D printer.
Files submitted to the site by 6am Thursday will be included in the weekly build and can be picked up no later than Monday afternoon.
Follow the steps below to submit an STL file for SLS printing.

Create an account or log in to your existing account. This username and password is unrelated to your mHUB credentials.

Create a project to hold all the files for a particular week's build. Add as many STL files as you like to the project. Note that you cannot delete a project or files.

With the STL files loaded, you can create an estimate by choosing the printing method and the quantity. Estimates are helpful for determining the cost of a print, but they do not comitt you to purchasing the print.

On the billing tab, create an invoice including the estimates you wish to order. The invoice will include only the estimate you wish to print and pay for. Pay the invoice with any credit card and your files will be added to the next build.

The website will be used to update you on the progress of the print. When a job is marked complete, you can find the parts bagged in the 3D printing lab for pickup. The project will be removed from the website after the prints are picked up.

Remember - you must create and pay an invoice from the quotes to order a print.

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