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EOS Formiga P110 SLS
EOS Formiga P110 SLS
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EOS Formiga P110 SLS

Selective Laser Sinterer
sintered white nylon
vol: 184mm x 233mm x 316mm H

Machine TitleEOS Formiga P110
Safetyshop staff operation only
Machine Purpose

High Resolution
High Strength
Additive Manufacturing

Training necessary

Weekly training explains the file submission process and job schedule.

Materialwhite nylon PA1100
Working Dimensions184mm x 233mm x 316mm
File Submission
"3D Printing Services" under "Prototyping Shop" in the sidebar of the portal.
Additional Info

Manufacturer's Website

    • Design for SLS
    • Machine Operation Basic Training
    • PA2200 Nylon Powder Data Sheet

mHUB has a new submission site for estimating and ordering 3D prints from our industrial machines.
Find "3D Printing Services" on the left hand side bar under "Prototyping Shop"

You will need to make an account which is distinct from your mHUB member portal credentials.
Use this site for SLS, SLA, FDM and Polyjet printing.

For SLS orders, specifically, our production schedule for orders under $700 is weekly. Pay for an order by 6am Thursday morning, and the prints will be available for pick up the following Monday at noon. In rare cases, the prints will be delayed because of machine failure or high demand.

The next tab explains production volume jobs and on-demand jobs.

Production Jobs

The SLS printer is a true additive manufacturing resource; it can be used to fulfull a short runs of part instead of injection molding or milling. There is no up front tooling or set up cost. Designs can be revised during the production run with little disruption or added cost.

mHUB accomodates production use of the SLS without disruption the scheduled weekly job. You should contact the shop staff and provide files through MakerOS well in advance of you part deadline so we can schedule your production run. We will respond with a shedule to deliver your parts.

If your total print cost is over $1000, or if you require a part quantity over 100, it is likely we will run your parts outside of the weekly member build.There is no price discount for production jobs. We may require that you provide post processing labor for large production jobs.

On-Demand Jobs

We accomodate rush SLS jobs in the following way. If your rush job includes enough parts to reach $700 in charges, we will run your parts right away, and you can expect your job to be ready for pick up within 48 hours.

A user can also "buy the build" where they agree to pay a minimum of $700 in order to have a small volume of parts run right away.

We need to be contacted by email before comitting to any on demand job. We will not disrupt the regular weekly schedule. Some part orders simply take too long to print and cool to be printed on demand.

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