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Parissa Behnia

Parissa Behnia

CEO and Business Whisperer, Sixense Strategy

An executive who is well versed in designing customer focused business strategies that drive results. A right-brain/left-brain innovative thinker who uses creativity and data together to craft the path to revenue. A leader who excels at building partnerships, building relationships and negotiating to create business and customer win-win. A confident, effective leader with deep-seated experience in motivating and managing teams in their execution of strategies. An advisor/mentor dedicated to nurturing and promoting talent. Passionate about supporting and investing in dynamic founders. My strategic mindset can be applied to any vertical.

I help clients drive results by:

  • Creating new business plans that help crystallize how to map the right product/service to the right customer to yield the right revenue.
  • Helping develop strategies to attract new customers or to retain current ones.
  • Articulating and refining value propositions.
  • Advising start ups on strategy, fundraising, marketing, customer acquisition, engagement and retention.

People contact me to:

  • find a business coach
  • retain a strategy advisor
  • develop marketing strategies and value propositions
  • seek and/or raise capital
  • build strategic alliances
  • create relationships with Family Offices

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