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Parissa Behnia
Parissa Behnia

Parissa Behnia

CEO and Business Whisperer, Sixense Strategy

C Suite Leaders and Entrepreneurs work with me because they are ready to grow as leaders and grow their businesses. I've been in that seat or sat next to it so I understand. I am a strategic weapon to crystallize visions and strategies to drive results, whether it's because I'm a certified coach or because of my consulting chops. 

My clients feel alone in a crowded room and wish for a champion to help them grow their businesses and teams. They want to do things right and focus on the right things. I am their objective strategic thinking partner who works with them to set and conquer goals that drive results. They are confident about the way forward because they work with me.

I am:
- A strategic weapon: a strategy and leadership coach and/or consultant depending on client needs.
- Well versed in helping design customer first strategies that drive results.
- An innovative thinker who blends creativity and data to aid clients on the path to revenue.
- A leader who excels at building partnerships/relationships. Also, negotiating to create win-win.
- Experienced in motivating/managing leaders in their execution of strategies.
- An advisor/mentor dedicated to nurturing talent.
- Effective at advising dynamic founders.
-A Certified Professional Coach and ELI Assessment Master Practitioner

My services apply to any vertical. I help drive results by:
-Inspiring clients to their highest form of leadership.
-Crystallizing how to map the right product/service to the right customer to yield revenue.
-Helping develop strategies to attract new/retain customers. 
-Articulating/refining value propositions.
-Advising start ups on strategy and fundraising.

Family Offices, CEOs, Senior Executives and Founders contact me to:
-Find a strategy and/or executive coach for themselves or their employees
-Retain a strategy consultant
-Deliver leadership and strategy workshops
-Seek and/or raise capital
-Build strategic alliances
-Create relationships with Family Offices

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