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Ergo Impact standing desk chairs
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    1/1/1900 12:00 AM
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    Growth - We have traction and sales. We’re currently ramping up scale for production in the tens of thousands and are looking to fund that growth, grow our team, and improve quality control and supply chain.

Ergo Impact standing desk chairs


Standing Desk Chair for a Sit to Stand World!

Ergo Impact has developed The LeanRite™ Sit-Stand-Lean chair to provide sedentary workers with an innovative solution to their sit-stand problems. The use of standing desks, can alleviate some of sitting’s proven negative consequences on your health, however standing for hours on end can be dangerously taxing for your knees, back, and posture long-term. This standing chair product is designed to support workers in a variety of positions while accommodating individual preferences, reducing fatigue and facilitating movement. The LeanRite's innovative Sit-Stand-Lean design occupies the healthy, ergonomic middle-ground between a typical office chair and unsupported standing. Each feature of the LeanRite is uniquely designed to keep the body in neutral posture and regularly moving while working. The LeanRite is available at and on Amazon. Take 10% off at the website with Code: HEALTHY10

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