X-Carve - Plastics Lab


9.8" x 9.8" x 2.5"
.005" accuracy
16,000-27,000 RPM

Machine TitleX-Carve
Safety DeviceBeware of open and exposed bits
Machine PurposeIntro Level CNC
Training necessarySelf-training or shop tech help session
Material LimitationsNo Metal
Machine Specs

X-axis: 9.8"/250mm
Y-axis: 9.8"/250mm
Z-axis: 2.5"/65mm

A properly tuned and calibrated machine should get to a resolution of ~0.075mm to 0.13mm.

Model: DeWalt 611
Amps: 7.0Amps
Horsepower: 1-1/4HP
No load speed: 16,000-27,000rpm
Rapid rate
Recommended defaults:
X-axis: 8000 mm/min
Y-axis: 8000 mm/min
Z-axis: 500 mm/min
Software or File TypeEasle
ToolingMax 1/8" tooling
More infohttps://www.inventables.com/technologies/x-carve

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