Form 2 Desktop SLA - 3D Printer Lab

Form 2 Desktop SLA

SLA 3D Printer
resins of varied properties
volume: 5.7" L x 5.7" W x "6.9" H

Machine TitleFormlab 2
Machine Purpose3D printing utlizing SLA printing technologies
Training necessaryIndividual Training Session with Shop Staff
Material LimitationsFormlab or compatible Resin
Working Dimensions5.7" L x 5.7 W " × 6.9" H
0.001, 0.002, 0.004 inches layer thicknesses
AccessoriesRinse tanks,  UV cure box
Software or File Type PreForm

Other Notes:

Minimum Supported Wall Thickness: Recommended: 0.4 m

Minimum Unsupported Wall Thickness: Recommended: 0.6 mm

Maximum Unsupported Overhang Length: Recommended: 1.0 mm

Minimum Unsupported Overhang Angle: Recommended: 19° from level

Maximum Horizontal Support Span/Bridge: Recommended: 21 mm

Minimum Vertical-Wire Diameter: Recommended: 0.3 mm (7 mm tall) to 1.5 mm (30 mm tall)

Minimum Embossed Detail: Recommended: 0.1 mm

Minimum Engraved Detail: Recommended: 0.4 mm

Minimum Clearance: Recommended: 0.5 mm

Minimum Hole Diameter: Recommended: 0.5 mm

Minimum Drain Hole Diameter: Recommended: 3.5 mm diameter

    • Form cure times and temps

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