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Kapil Kalokhe

Kapil Kalokhe

Kapil Kalokhe currently leads the automation and advisory practice at Saggezza, a global management & technology consulting firm in Chicago.  Prior to joining Saggezza, Kapil spend over 15 years in finance & strategy roles through Mergers & Acquisitions and corporate finance at Fortune 100 companies.  He is passionate about using these experiences to help businesses grow profitably, market to investors and solicit additional rounds of funding.  In addition, Kapil has a passion for entrepreneurship.  He is an mHub alum and a co-founder of aLoo, an infant feeding product focused on helping parents extend the useful life of breastmilk.  As a mHub mentor Kapil is interested in helping other members think about the business / commercial aspects of their venture to guide them on a path to growth.  


Kapil has a BBA from Goizueta Business School in Emory University and and MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

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