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Equilibrium USG designs and manufactures modular systems; currently urban gear and accessories. Our first introduction into the market was our Portable All-Purpose Containment (P.A.C.) System, which consists of the following: Base (Harness), Payload (Messenger), and Skyn.  The easiest way to explain the concept is, “Legos for Bags.”  Each piece can be sold separately, as each item can be used by itself and interchangeably as a system. There are three base harness sizes, each ergonomically designed to hug the user with breathable mesh to promote ventilation during use.

The system offers three sized Payloads, or bags, in different styles with numerous amounts of pockets and compartments fitting laptops up to 17″. In addition, there is an infinite selection of Skyns, which are also customizable.  Designs can be submitted electronically using our online templates.  Within a few weeks you can start wearing your own artwork on your back. On each of these three main components, there is a molle system, also used in military or tactical gear, to connect Ordnances, or accessories, that allows one to further customize and build out their bag. It gives you so much flexibility in terms of storage and design while providing solid craftsmanship that does not sacrifice comfort or style.

Carrying your gear is now a fashionable, customizable and modular experience in-step with your urban lifestyle.

In addition to the “P.A.C. system,” we recently released small amounts of our newly designed “T.R.A.C. (Transport Retention Armored Component) System” which includes various accessories aimed at customers that use road or fixed gear bicycles as their mode of transportation in the city. These products appeal to individuals that need containers versatile enough to be used in different situations.

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