Thomas Insights: Shifting from Vision to Value: The Path to Scaling Smart Manufacturing
As seen on Thomas Insights

Smart manufacturing — also called Industry 4.0 or manufacturing 4.0 — has been around for some time. Great visions about the future of manufacturing are plentiful, and there are many proofs of concepts, but scaling the digital in manufacturing is significantly less represented. 

Why? Because not enough attention is paid to the value creation aspect of smart manufacturing. In too many cases it is still seen as a techno spiel more than anything else. 

We need to move from vision to value and impact. It starts with identifying pain points and providing digital solutions. Start small but with noticeable benefit. Small wins can then be scaled to other areas in manufacturing where new value can be created. 

Read the full story by Thierry Van Landegem, Executive Director of the IIoT cohort, mHUB Accelerator.                          

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